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Kampski is a Dutch artist who uses the means of photography to tell stories full of fantasy, overwhelming the viewer both perceptively and sensorially. Through his photographs Kampski give rise to his impetuous emotions, conditioned by the urban environment or the beauty of nature, wrapping everything in an intimate, mystical and dreamy atmosphere.


In “Desire”, a girl stands out from an abandoned church with her candid white dress, underlining the purity, the simplicity of the pose and a gloomy symbolism. Lying on the ground there is another dress, struck by a subtle beam of light, in sharp contrast with a background that brings a sense of restlessness. An important detail concerns the model’s blindfold, suggesting uncertainty and fear for the future: in this way a relationship originates between visible and invisible that refers to the narrow boundary between dreamlike appearance and reality. The space is constructed in way as to best distinguish each element present in the work, but these separate parts move and change, shifting the observer’s attention and the sense of the general organization of the image.



In “Destination Unknown” a change is represented within the personal path of each individual. The open door reflects an unknown and unimaginable world, still to be discovered.
The woman is getting up and she is about to leave: this gesture is full of spontaneity, purity and authenticity. The desire to go “elsewhere”, to look for unknown and uncontaminated places, often comes from a dissatisfaction with one’s own current situation, perceived with no way out.
Even if you encounter many obstacles in the course of your life, you need to have the determination to overcome them, to enter into a new path and start your own rebirth.

Destination UnknownDestination Unknown


Finally, in “See The Truth” the model is blindfolded again with darkened glasses. The message is placed clearly in front of the observer: sometimes it is not necessary to see in order to get the truth.
The comparison between image and language is strong and the artist hides one of the main senses which enable us to express and to see reality. In this atmosphere of waiting and mystery the sight does not allow to ascertain an evident truth, which remains still pending to be uncovered.
For this reason, the observer is invited to immerse himself in the photography, and to see beyond his own sight for unveiling this truth.

See The Truth
See the truth


Art Curator Alessia Perone

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