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New work in progress.

artist at work


New work in progress. 

Yesterday made new pictures with my model Anouk.
It was on a outdoor location this time, an old war monument.
The theme this time is Art meets Fashion, because of an exhibition I would like to participate in Milan.
However the flu that is controling the whole world is holding me back again.
There are restrictions for visiting a gallery in Italy ( and other countries ), and I can not afford right now to invest in this.
But ok, I had a swell day yesterday and Anouk did a great job as a model. Thank you Anouk.




Yeah, when I am making art again like yesterday I really miss my former model Agnieszka.
I love all my models but there is still a special place in my heart for her. Maybe one day………


Next step.

Show my new art to the world and make many more.
See you soon.


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