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My muse once told me this.
I know by now that it’s not easy to do.
That is the reason you did not hear from me for a long time.
But indeed I won’t give up.
In the last year(s) I had a few offers to show my work in galleries or museums.
The cost to participate in these exhibitions was unfortunately not within my reach.
But every cloud has a silver lining, and mine is Milan.
This month I am going to show two artworks in Milan again.
Thanks to art curator Alessia Perone, we already worked together before.
The exhibition starts on the 25th of July and is called future.
Further information will follow.
My future?
I want to create some new art with my model Anouk.
There is an idea I have wanted to do for a long time but could not find the fitting location.
I think I found a nice one now, the theme I want to show in the picture was actual in the last years and still is.
As soon as I can give a preview I will.
Set for the future?
Yes I am.

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